What travelling’s made of

When you go back in time you realise that everything that used to matter for you have changed. Your clothes, your needs, your lifestyle, your friends, you have changed.

Le voyage forme la jeunesse” they say. I think it’s more than that. Travelling changes you, it makes you choose what’s really important for you. You don’t bother hanging out with people you’re not interesting into, you are not spending your money on clothes you’ll wear only once for a party. Everything you buy needs to fit your suitcase when you’ll leave and has to be something you need.

I sometimes have those days when I want to go shopping for myself and then realise that I already have two pairs of jeans and don’t actually need another one. Money means more travels (or kitesurf gear…), then you uses it differently.

When I look at the older me who used to wear makeup everyday, heels and dresses on a night out, spend money on expensive handbags and shoes… I just realise I have changed, now wearing anything that’s casual and comfortable.

I went to the city the other night with two grilfriends of mine, just to “get away” from our beach life and see some civilisation, but it all seemed weird to us, we were feeling like we were not fitting in the city anymore. I feel like I’m not fitting with some of my friends either, it is hard for both parts to understand each other’s lives and to agree with it.
In the end of the day, as long as one’s happy in its own comfort it shouldn’t matter right ?

Travelling opens your mind but closes your circle I think. You make friends with people that you know you will leave at some point and you can never know if you’ll meet them again, even though you always swear you will. This is when you realise how family is important. We all have a home where we know we can go back and feel like you’ve never left it. Well, that’s what you think until you are actually there. No one waits for you at home, everyone has its own life and after the first days of “how was it? Where are you off next ?”, they all go back to their things and you’ll remain alone and disoriented.

They say home is where the heart is, but your heart is splitted into thousand pieces and you still can’t make up your mind. You have those days when you hate the place you’re at but when you are not there anymore, you only remember the good memories and you start missing it. What you would call your home deosn’t actually feels like it anymore and you can’t go back without having another destination to go to, just because you are affraid to be stuck there for too long. You need something to look for to feel happy.

I am now in a stage of leaving another place I’ve lived in and am already looking for what’s coming next. This is what travelling is made of.


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