The Ocean trash

Everytime I go to the beach I can’t help myself but being mad at the human race.

We are in 2016, living in a country where we are told about recycling, ecology and damages of trash on nature and still, people are leaving their shit on the beach, sometimes even only 1 meter from a bin. What kind of animals are we ?

When kitesurfing in Tenerife, I remember seeing a big thing floating far out on deep sea, and what was my surprise when I approached it to see it was actually a massive truck tyre!

The worst was in Brasil where everyone just chucks everything on the floor, either in streets or at the beach. When the tide goes down, you can see all of the trash that came from the sea and are then brought to the beach, plastic bottles, cans, plastic bags, and more.

Everyone has for sure seen picture of turtles or any other wild animal living in the sea stucked with plastic around them or killed because the ate some plastic bag, thinking it was food. Surely this won’t happen to us so why would we care in the end ?

Water is my playground and the beach is the place where I can breathe and fill my body with good energy. Every person I kow who doesn’t go to the beach often always says how fresh the air is and how good it feels on its body and mind. We need to escape the polluted cities to realise how nature is important to us so please, don’t damage it.

Pick up your trash, and if you don’t find a bin anywhere close to you on the beach, remember that you have one at home.

Thank you.





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