Love – The reasons why you should date a kitesurfer

After a few weeks of absence, I am back! And this time with another topic: we always see articles online about dating a bartender or a banker or whatever. But I’ve never seen a topic about dating a kitesurfer!

First of all, if you are kitesurfing, for sure you’ll want to share your passion with someone who can understand it and who’s willing to travel and kite with you. Therefore, you should date a kitesurfer, it is way easier (and cheaper!) than turning your boyfriend into one!

Furthermore, dating a kitesurfer who’s better than you will push you to try new things and new tricks to impress him. And he will most surely become your personal coach and will teach cool stuff to impress the other chicks !(because yes, kitesurfing is a competitive sport, let’s be honest about it)

Meanwhile, kitesurfing with your boyfriends is not always all beautiful rosy, you can easily turn your session into a big argument over silly things like the wind conditions, the size of the kite you chose, the gopro camera, etc. Trust me, we had many!

Nevertheless, the feeling of kitesurfing with you boyfriend on an empty spot is worth it, and the pride you get when he lands his crazy kiteloops and shit is awesome. Not talking about your commitment to impress him with high jumps and new tricks he hasn’t seen you training on!

Finally, kitesurfers loves to travel and discover new places and culture, another thing you can do together, because it’s always good to have a traveller buddy you can rely on 🙂



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