Kitesurf trip: Brasil – part 1

Brasil Part 1 – Tibau do Sul and Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte

After falling in love with Kitesurfing last summer, I’ve decided to take my freshly growing relationship to another country: BRASIL!
I have left France alone in late August 2015, with my board bag in one hand and my backpack on my back (where else would it be ?) for 3 months of kitesurfing in warm Brasil! (this was the actual plan, but who follows its plans really ?)

After a journey of nearly 24 hours, a 7 hours transfer in a Brasilian airport and a lot of shitty food and coffee, I was finally landing in Natal at 2 o’clock in the morning.

IMG_20150829_123345157Picture: First walk at the beach

A rough night of sleep and a lot of unknown animal noises later, I was waking up in paradise. The view from my room was like a postcard and I nearly pinced myself to be sure I was not daydreaming. On my first day, I took a long walk on the beach from Tibau do Sul to Pipa with some French people I’ve met over breakfast, and saw the most beautiful beach ever!
It took me over the edge when I saw the dolphins playing in the small waves of Praia del Golfino and couldn’t help it but throw my clothes on the sand and go swim with them! My first two weeks were only sunrise surfing with the turtles and dolphins of Praia de Madeiro and kitesurfing in the massive lagoon of Tibau in the afternoon! What else can you dream of when arriving in Brasil ?!IMG_20150902_171507390.jpgPicture: Sunset in my pousada (Casinha da Mary)


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