Eat – My 3 favorite healthy breakfasts

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day, and I love to change my breakfast often, so I don’t get bored of it. But even though I like to change, I can point out my 3 favorite breakfast easily (it’s always easy when it comes to food ha!).

Breakfast 1 – The “sporty” one
The “sporty” or “champion” one as I like to call it, is nothing else but a fresh made omelette, served with fruits! It’s my favorite breakfast for a late morning or a working day, it keeps me full and energized until dinner time when I’m all day on the water!
All you have to do is crack an egg or two, mix it with fresh herbs, spices (paprika or cumin for example), salt and pepper and pour it into your pan, add a banana or any fruit and you’re off to go!
It’s tasty, and making an omelette helps me to avoid bread in the morning but fills me up just as well. You can even top it with grated cheese or scrambled feta cheese for extra flavor and melt!

Breakfast 2 – The “healthy” one
This one has always been my second favorite EVER, since childhood, let me introduce you to : Oats Porridge and fresh fruits!
Quick and easy, you can have it warm or cold.
For a warm one all you have to do is mix your oats with warm milk (I use low-fat milk) and then add any fresh fruits you can find (banana, apple, kiwi, raspberries, pear, strawberries,etc.) or even raisins or dates if you’ve run out of fruits.
For a cold one its even easier: Just put your oats,milk (I like to use almond milk) and dried fruits/nuts to soak overnight and it’ll be perfect by the time you’ll wake up! Feel free to top it up with fresh fruits as well!

Breakfast 3 – The “comforting” one
I could talk about this one all day long, this is how much I love it. I keep this one for the hungover days or just the days that needs to be brightened. It is so simple but so heart filling!
Just put as much as full fat – and I’m insisting on this! – yogurt you want in a bowl and recover it with fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, muesli, granola, anything you can find!  Just be sure your bowl is full and enjoy this creamy/fresh/fruity breakfast!

I simply add a tea or coffee to my breakfast and I am then ready to start the day on the right foot. Breakfast is really important and you should never skip it!

Of course as a good French woman I am, I could tell you more about fresh croissants, baguette, butter and jam but this is another category of breakfast 😉

Picture: An Açai bowl from Cumbuco, Brasil. Topped with condensed milk, granola and banana.



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