Current Location: Oostvoorne, Holland

After spending 8 months in Brazil last winter, we are now in Holland for the summer. Back to Europe and reality. I have to say I have never thought of Holland before but it is such a nice place to live in.And even though summer here is not the best of Europe, it feels refreshing and new. Everything is green, flat, everyone seems to love to be outdoors, either cycling, walking, even when the weather is not quite good.
I am still trying to learn some bits and bobs about the Dutch language but it isn’t that simple!

Oostvoorne is a small village close to the beach, where we are teaching kitesurfing. It’s all about chilling and enjoying life here. We are living in a bungalow on a lake and even adopted a cat! Life here is way easier than in Brasil and it feels good to be back to Europe.
I know this might sounds like a kinda-gipsy-life to you but it’s actually not that bad! Haha!

If you ever go to Holland (or lives there already) you should definitely check the South West part, it’s full of small nice villages and people are always smiley and welcoming here, you won’t feel like a tourist/alien. AND, not to forget, great kitesurfing spot! (with a wetsuit of course!)





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