5 reasons why you should learn Kitesurfing

Do you like to be in the water ?
Do you like to travel to exotic warm places ?
Would you want to try something that will make you feel as free as a bird ?
Would you want to see hot men half naked on the beach ?
Then do not wait any longer, you should learn Kitesurfing!

First of all, even if it does take time to be on the board (I ain’t going to lie to you, it took me patience and perseverance), the first day you are actually riding or going upwind, I can ASSURE you you will have the biggest smile ever on your face!

Second, Kitesurfing is everywhere and still growing.The best spots are in some cheap and exotic countries that will leave you speechless and give you the opportunity to approach a new culture.

Third, Kitesurfing is not only for men or super-strong women. It is very accessible to every shape, age and mentality. AND it is a very good workout for your abs and thights/butt! You will not even feel it while kitesurfing but trust me, you will discover new muscles the very next day!

Fourth, women of kitesurfing are all hot and fit, and they all look super good while kitesurfing, SO YOU WILL TOO! We all love a good picture of us on the water, wearing our favourite bikini/wetsuit!

Fifth, there are so many tricks and discipline you can learn in Kitesurfing that you will never be bored! And if you like to push your limits, it is a very good way of doing it by giving you goals for your session. PLUS, it’s only water you’re falling in 😉


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